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What do our clients say?

I found you to be highly knowledgeable about online PR and content promotion and super proactive about coming up with recommendations and ideas. You also added value by not being afraid to come up with suggestions that weren’t always part of the brief but usually turned out to be incredibly useful.
Peter Crawshaw

Managing Director, Lovereading

I’ve now worked on several projects with Authority, including imagery, infographics and other web based content. Your creativity and enthusiasm for your work is inspiring and it’s great to see a company with his outlook in this previously boring field. I look forward to pushing the web content we produce in new directions.
Dom Hazelhurst

Director, Sunspel

We are so excited about this and the content that you have provided so far is more exciting and engaging then anything we have seen as an SEO team before…your knowledge and enthusiasm makes us so excited.
Pam Shrum

SEO Analyst, Hayneedle

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