7 ultimate ways to build brand awareness

To get ahead of competitors and hold your place, you need to continuously build on your brand awareness. When you think of brands such as Starbucks, Visa, and Heineken your brain can instantly think of their logo or brand colours, this is because big companies have spent a lot of time and money to make sure their elements stand out so you can remember them by heart. Brand awareness happens the second someone remembers your brand from previous memory. Ultimately, when you build brand awareness, you build your reputation. This helps in retaining loyal customers, enticing potential new ones and standing out from competitors.

To ensure you are maximising your brand, this guide will reveal the tricks to building your brand awareness in the most efficient way in order to get ahead in a competitive industry.

1.) Social media presence

In a digital world it is important to have a strong presence on social media. Whilst running adverts is a good start, posting regular content is going to have a bigger effect. There are many things you can do on social media to increase your brand visibility. Reply to comments on all social media channels so you are known as a helpful brand which interacts with customers, whether the comment or query is positive or negative, a response translates as a brand that truly cares.

Livestream is an organic way that has been proven to increase your conversion rate but ensure your content is relevant and engaging so you can attract the right people. Hashtags are key in helping users discover new products and brands: include generic, branded and niche words so people can build your brand awareness.

2.) Offer a free trial/sample

Who is going to say no to free things? Users are always keen to trial out products before they commit and pay for something, allowing people to take a sample of your product or service first will build trust. Freebies get people talking, if users are impressed with their trial then they will promote your product to friends which builds brand exposure.

3.) Entertainment

A great way to build brand awareness is by entertaining your customers. Humorous campaigns are certain to put a smile on people’s faces and can even go viral. If you’re entering a saturated market you need to produce something iconic which will lead to shares. “Cineworld announced near Valentine’s Day that they are hosting pottery classes for couples to re-enact the iconic scene from ‘Ghost’ to celebrate the films 30th anniversary” – this unique experience allows users to immerse themselves into a couple’s experience whilst boosting the brand awareness of the cinema.

4.) Local partnerships

By getting involved with local partnerships your brand awareness can grow. Partner with local businesses so you can hold events together such as workshops and fun runs. You can also sponsor local sports teams and donate to charity events to shine your business in a positive light whilst giving back.

5.) PPC advertising

PPC is a solution for ensuring your brand is seen on Google as SEO is becoming increasingly competitive each day. Targeted keyword research means you have the potential of being shown at the top of Google for relevant searches. The added benefit is that even if a user doesn’t click on your PPC ad they still see your name at the top which makes an impression and is perfect for brand awareness.

6.) Podcasts

Around 7.1 million people listen to podcasts, it has become important to so many people worldwide and is an effective marketing technique. Podcasts are easy to create and can reach a large audience, they provide a way to connect with your audience one on one. As opposed to radio adverts that have the sole purpose of promoting your product or service, you can use a podcast to educate, entertain and advise your audience. By communicating with your audience based on your expertise you are building a unique relationship and a bond of trust. Choose a topic which relates to your brand message and of course the product you’re offering like #lipstories by Sephora.

7.) Interactive content

Interactive content sparks viral shares and drives high conversion rates. Quizzes, polls checklists, maps and calculators can all add value to users. The shareable content presents mass opportunities for engagement and allows the user to be immersed in the brand and create their own memories. Interactive videos create limitless options, from gamified content and interactive storylines. When your brand is successful in being modern and challenging you will retain a loyal customer base.