Authority is a pay-as-you-go digital PR and link-building service.

We specialise in creative media strategies that secure high-value coverage in the world’s leading online publications and news outlets.

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Unlike traditional PR, our multi-tiered approach goes beyond brand awareness to channel trust and authority to your domain. Hard-working and strategically placed, our coverage generates “Google safe” links, boosting organic search visibility and achieving measurable results such as traffic, rankings and sales.

We know our hybrid process works. That’s why you only pay when you get results. It’s the most cost-effective, risk-free and transparent way to grow your business online.

Recent coverage

We regularly earn coverage from publications as diverse as these:

How can we help your brand?

Our link-building solutions align digital PR with your business objectives, bringing a huge range of immediate benefits, including:

  • Securing positive brand exposure and coverage in relevant publications
  • Reaching new target audiences and consumers
  • Boosting direct site traffic and visitors
  • Increasing organic traffic
  • Improving website search rankings and visibility
  • Gaining an edge over your competitors

Our clients

Brands that we have worked with include


We’re always keen to chat with anyone who wants to grow their visibility through Digital PR.


Our pay-as-you-go model

Links (aka backlinks) play a crucial role in how your site ranks on Google and other popular search engines.

Links are Google’s most reliable measure of a website’s quality. It is hard to earn editorial coverage from mainstream and industry news sites, so a website that has links from those kinds of sites is seen as doing something right.

At Authority, we ensure every link we generate is from a trustworthy and reputable source. We focus on earning high-authority coverage. We never pay for links. The service is completely organic.

What’s our process?

Our four-step process is designed to provide optimum organic growth and ROI for your business.



Getting to know your brand, KPIs and target audience, helps us understand the types of links and coverage that will deliver the best results for your business



If you want to stand out in today’s noisy digital landscape, effective link-building must be supported by creative content. At Authority, our talented team of designers are always on hand to produce engaging on-brand assets and visuals for our campaigns.



Great content and coverage will only deliver results if it is seen, consumed and most importantly, linked.

Drawing on 20 years of experience working in the global media industry, our distribution list of press contacts is as extensive as our expert knowledge of the ever-changing online media landscape.

After identifying a business’ target publications and contacts, we apply a mix of proactive and reactive strategies to maximise the opportunity of securing quality coverage.


Additional Services

Authority isn’t an SEO agency or a digital PR firm; we combine our expertise in both areas to deliver safe, strategic and scalable link-building services. However, if required, our in-house SEO experts can offer deeper-level SEO consultation.



We’ve got experience in dozens of industries, with clients of all shapes and sizes. We can find a way to work with most budgets, so get in touch with your needs.

Why choose Authority?

We offer risk-free services

Our pay-as-you-go model means you only ever pay for results. With no fees charged for account management, asset creation or strategy workshops, your budget can solely focus on ROI.

We’re experts in our field

Our in-house technical SEO team will always know everything there is to know about Google’s latest algorithms. You’ll never have to worry about new SEO updates or the latest link-building hack – we’ve got you covered.

We go beyond traditional PR strategies

Conventional PR focuses on brand awareness. Our proactive and reactive digital PR strategy goes much further, aligning with your business objectives to achieve measurable results such as traffic, rankings and sales.

We get results

Our link-building efforts have a consistently positive effect on our clients’ organic traffic.


We work across varied sectors

From beauty to travel, interior design to fashion, we’re able to deliver our safe, strategic and scalable link-building services to any company in any market category.



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