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Full-service content strategy, from planning and conception, creation, through to content seeding, outreach and paid promotion.

Creating content that forms connections


Consumers are increasingly familiar with developing personal and emotional relationships with the brands that they use and trust. They crave being able to make connections with exciting and inspiring brands.

That’s where your content strategy steps in, providing the platform that can help your brand to effectively and scalably connect with your consumers, winning the attention of media influencers.

Good content is always changing and evolving. Tapping into new trends and technological and industry developments. Really great content however taps into the psyche, and understands why people connect with, and choose to share content, creating a meaningful connection between your audience and your brand.

Our expertise lies in creating a synergy between your content marketing strategy, and your outreach and distribution channels. We don’t just understand content, but we also understand what works on different levels for journalists and media channels.

The quality of your content is key to building a successful marketing strategy. Get your brand’s voice heard with maximum exposure. Let’s talk!

“I found you to be highly knowledgeable about online PR and content promotion and super proactive about coming up with recommendations and ideas. You also added value by not being afraid to come up with suggestions that weren’t always part of the brief but usually turned out to be incredibly useful”
Peter Crawshaw

Managing Director, Lovereading

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Our approach to content marketing

Our approach to content marketing is derived from a deep understanding of which triggers will motivate influencers to like, share and interact with your content.

It’s fun to make the impossible, possible


Exploring the strategy which shapes your content is a two-way conversation between your brand and your Authority team.

Successful content marketing and outreach requires diverse, multidimensional assets that provide a steady stream of useful information to readers and viewers and engage with influencers, decision makers and the media.

At Authority content isn’t just a fuzzy creative concept. It’s a creative means to a commercial end. We track all deliverables, adjust tactics as needed and capitalise on all business opportunities to ensure that we deliver maximum ROI for clients.

Using enterprise level tools and  the collective expertise of in-house PR, digital and SEO strategists, we know which strategies will deliver maximum return for your brand.

Establish your authority by making your brand’s voice heard. Let’s talk!