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Maximising The Value Of Content Investment


No matter how inspiring and engaging your content is, it’s only going to be effective if it reaches the right people. Great content is only effective if it is consumed, shared, linked-to and passed-on.

Being passionate about content, we are acutely aware of how difficult it can be to get your work in front of the right people, journalists, media outlets and influencers who will help to make your content go viral, get shared and ultimately generate the links and traffic that your brand needs.

Even the most engaging content needs a solid and insightful distribution plan in order to be effective and to maximise it’s value. At Authority we have the experience, the network and the tools to enable us to understand who your key audiences are, and where your content and coverage has to be seen in order to give it the best chance of success.

Each campaign starts with us gaining an insight into your business, your products, your consumers, and your industry media landscape.  This raw-data and understanding enables us to create an effective distribution plan.

With this framework in place our delivery teams will implement this strategy across digital media, key bloggers, influencers and paid and organic media channels with our focus on real deliverables and performance indicators.

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“I found you to be highly knowledgeable about online PR and content promotion and super proactive about coming up with recommendations and ideas. You also added value by not being afraid to come up with suggestions that weren’t always part of the brief but usually turned out to be incredibly useful.”
Peter Crawshaw


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Deliver ROI With Content Distribution

Our whole approach is based on an understanding of your business objectives and who your content needs to reach in order to deliver on these.

Strategic Content Distribution


In order for content distribution plans to be most effective it it is important that we first understand your business objectives.

Are you primarily looking to build links, engage with influencers, make journalist and blogger contacts, maximise your brand exposure, or reach your customers?

Just as content is a wide and varied concept, so are the distribution channels. Choosing the right distribution strategy that fits with your business objectives is key in delivering measurable results and maximising ROI in any campaign.

At Authority we are able to plan and deliver on campaigns using content that has been developed and created by ourselves, and alternatively put into place strategies for distributing internal or repurposed content supplied by our clients.

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