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At Authority we are experts at using digital PR strategies to get coverage for your brand into the national press, and niche industry websites that matter.

Winning The Coverage That Matters


Using an integrated digital PR and SEO approach we are able to use proprietary PR and SEO tools in order to offer effective, scalable solutions to winning online coverage and link acquisition. Our approach is transparent, measurable and best of all we only charge for successful placements.

In a post-Penguin search-engine landscape it is imperative that link development strategies are safe, defensible and in line with search engine guidelines. Using digital PR strategies – making your brand interesting, understanding it’s USPs, buying triggers, and how this fits with journalist and bloggers motivations is key. It’s not about using PR strategies in isolation, but it’s about having an understanding of the brand, the business and the industry, and then communicating what makes your brand different.

Our team consists of both experienced SEO and digital marketing professionals, but more importantly traditional PR professionals, who understand the industry, have established media relationships, and understand what journalists are looking for in a pitch.

Our in-house digital team can put together an integrated strategy that complements your overall marketing objectives. As a stand alone or integrated service, we create campaigns that get you noticed where it matters.

Get higher brand exposure with a lower investment with our pay-as-you-go system. Let’s talk about it!

“We are so excited about this and the content that you have provided so far is more exciting and engaging then anything we have seen as an SEO team before…your knowledge and enthusiasm makes us so excited.”
Pam Shrum


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Our digital PR philosophy

Our approach is based on an understanding of your business, product and key business objectives. Our strategy is designed to be transparent, based on a logical actionable content plan. Most importantly our overriding objective is to deliver valuable coverage designed to deliver a measurable impact on your website visibility.

How we work


We work both on a retained and per project basis offering B2C and B2B PR campaigns across a wide range of industries. We also have a multitude of experience working effectively with in-house teams or with existing agencies, both with a PR and SEO remit.

We focus on creating and nurturing ongoing relationships with leading journalists and influencers in order to reach specific audiences, get your brand quality coverage and drive traffic to your site.

We view our activity as a strategic value-added service. Able to compliment and amplify existing digital projects and offline marketing activity or as a standalone service. We have a defined objective of increasing your online coverage and search engine visibility.

Get higher brand exposure with a lower investment! Our pay-as-you-go system makes it as effective, less expensive to do so. Let’s talk about it!

Digital PR

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