Travel Marketing Masterclass: How Digital PR is a Linkbuilder’s secret weapon


Join our masterclass: How Digital PR is a Linkbuilder’s Secret Weapon

This webinar is tailored specially for anyone and everyone in the travel industry.

If you want to be seen in more places, and earn more sales, you’ll learn from the experts and come away with tips you can put into action immediately.

How Digital PR is a Linkbuilder’s Secret Weapon

Date: November 6th 2018

Time: 9.30am

Location: Central London (details to follow)


Joe Shervell, Head of Growth @ Authority Comminications

Matthew Sawyer, Head of SEO @ Datadial


What we’ll cover:

Stage 1 – Fundamentals of PR-led Linkbuilding
What is a link?
Why do we build links?
How do we know what a good link is?
How do links impact on your business goals?
Why links are the missing ‘link’ between PR activity and genuine business success

Stage 2 – How to build links
Introduction to the journalist / blogger economy

Types of content:
Research / Surveys
Online PR Stunts

Workshop: How to come up with incredible content ideas for your brand (which you can use straight away).

Who is Authority Communications?

Authority Communications has over 20 years of experience in online marketing and digital PR.

We specialise in earning high authority, high value links that allow our SME clients to compete with their better-known, better-funded rivals.

We have worked with a huge variety of online businesses, and boast long and fruitful working relationships with many, having helped them grow their businesses by helping them to find a wider audience online.

From region-specific suppliers, to adventure holidays, safaris and more. We understand the needs of online businesses, and can help you to earn more sales.

Above all, learn how to turn Digital PR into a genuinely valuable business asset, and the strategies we use to get our clients featured in publications like these: