Using product images and fashion photography for coverage


The Client

Sunspel has made underwear since 1860 and, in 1947, was the first firm to introduce boxer shorts to the UK, although the range now includes T-shirts and polo shirts. The collections are created from fine materials with careful attention to detail.

The Brief

Sunspel wanted to utilise it’s incredibly strong brand imagery and position as a British heritage manufacturer to target coverage in mainstream and key fashion media.

The overall objective would include increasing brand coverage and improving the brand backlink profile with key links from top-tier media.

The Strategy

The project coincided with the key sales period including black-Friday, Christmas and New Years sales. We identified that using the brands strong product images and selling these into journalists producing product gallery and gift guides would be an effective and low-investment method of increasing brand exposure and link acquisition.

With these we targeted both the mainstream national press and both mens and womens fashion press with a large degree of success.

Additionally we identified that using the brands unique position as a British heritage fashion house could be leveraged for coverage in the business and marketing press.

Using this unique story we created a repository for brand comment on key business and marketing issues and targeted key business publications and journalists for interview and feature opportunities.

The Results

Over the 4 month campaign 22 links from the mainstream and fashion press were achieved. These included The Telegraph, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour Magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent and GQ amongst others.

We also attained coverage in the business press such as Marketing week by comminicating the brand’s unique story and securing band comment and journalist interviews with key management.

Our promotion activity period coincided with a a 30% uplift in organic visibility during the campaign period.

Links from mainstream fashion media