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Destinations, hotels, boutique tours, travel agencies, attractions, travel comparisons sites  – Authority has extensive and varied experience within the travel sector of strategising, creating and promoting content that gets shared, published and linked.

As well as our extensive network of contacts within the mainstream media and on more niche travel publications, we recognise the importance of being proactive, creating  positive trade and consumer engagement to build strong relationships and inspirational brand profile with industry partners.

We have experience of working with and launching travel brands and have a strong track-record of gaining media traction, while also achieving mainstream media link wins which have had a direct impact on search engine visibility and overall business objectives.

At Authority though we don’t just believe in a creative vision of great content, but more importantly relating this back to your business objectives and KPIs.

Ideas, concepts and content that we create is always with an overall strategy in mind – who are we targeting, what do we want from them, which of your business targets is this going to help you hit?

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We regularly earn coverage from publications as diverse as these:

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Our PR team will work with your brand to develop an overall strategy comprising of content concepts and ideas, a content calendar, identifying outreach target lists of publications, websites and journalists.

It is this digital PR strategy and media expertise, in combination with our established networks of influencers and access to professional directories which enables us to work effectively to a payment for success model.

At Authority we use digital PR strategies to place high-value coverage onto authoritative media and news websites. The overriding objective is to have a positive and defined impact on the client’s search visibility. The best part is you set the budget, and we only charge for results

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